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Black Tie Excursions has partnered with Red Bluff Lodge, a renowned hunting establishment located in the low country of South Carolina, in order to satisfy any outdoorsman's taste for sport. The experienced staff at Red Bluff Lodge can provide fifteen years of expertise to help hone you and three to four guests' skills as hunters.

After breakfast at the lodge, a guide will assist you to your stand or hunting location, where you will take aim at a variety of wildlife native to South Carolina. Your guide will come retrieve you for lunch at the lodge, and again at the end of the day for dinner.

Black Tie Excursions and our partners are more than happy to schedule a personalized excursion length depending on your specific needs and desires.

It is important that you and your guests bring your own clothes and weapons of choice, however the Red Bluff Lodge has attire and guns for sale in

their shop.

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