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Captain Howard Poe

Captain Howard Poe, or “Capt. HAP”, has had a lifetime of recreational and professional boating, hunting, and fishing.  At twenty-seven, Poe purchased his first boat and joined the Southern Kingfish Association, or SKA. Capt. HAP won three tournaments in 1996 including the SKA National Championship, and brought home an excess of one hundred thousand in prize money that year for his hard work. Poe spent the next fifteen years competitively fishing the SKA Pro Tour. His team: "Kill-n-me" earned several top-ten finishes along the way and won second place in the SKA National Championship in 2006. Poe's fished Wahoo, Dolphin, Sailfish, Marlin, Swordfish and multiple species of bottom fish from the waters of Southern Florida to the Bahamas. Capt. HAP's passion and enthusiasm for offshore fishing fuels the knowledge and experience he brings to the table.

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